Friday, July 13, 2012

Varuthu Aracha Sambar

I think we all love   the dishes that we make  ours elf  and really enjoy the process…….When i started cooking initially I was  the only one  who would appreciate my experimenting…..My poor  parents…!!! They used to look face to face  and say ..”Ha yea its good ,salt and chilly is bit high , can manage , still have to improve a lot.” .Now i know what kind of food i used to feed my parents in the name of experiments ….     Dear achan and amma thanks a lot for ur support and love …

Now lets come  to our recipe..

Sambar is the king of a vegetarian sadya ..Especially varuthu aracha sambar .. ..I think some secret is there behind the taste of that sambar we used to have in sadya   .That smell and taste ,my God…I am  drooling over here  ..  ..Many times i tried to make varutha aracha sambar ,but never succeeded …. ..But this time  i thank my stars , it came out well ,though not as to the perfection of a  sadya sambar  ..   but i was not bad either .. Its a long process compared to usual sambar ,but the ultimate result is worth doing the whole thing….So here comes the recipe..


Vegetables of ur choice -2cup

Coriander seeds-4tsp

Fenugreek seeds-1/4tsp

Urad dal-1tbsp

Chana dal-1tbsp

Asafodia powder-one pinch

Dry red chilly-15 (depends up on ur taste,u can add or less the spice )

Grated coconut-1/2 of 1

Garlic-2 cloves

Green chilly-2

Curry leaves-1 string

Tamarind-lemon sized

Tomato-2(cut into big pieces)

Turmeric powder-1/2tsp

Sambar Dal-1/2cup

Salt – to taste


Coconut Oil-2tbsp

Dry red chilly-2

Mustard seeds-1/4tsp

Fenugreek seeds-10

Curry leaves-1 string


Pressure cook the dal by adding 1/4tsp turmeric powder ,1tsp  coconut oil ,1cup  water and salt(2whistle is enough)

Open the cooker when the pressure settle down..Keep it aside

In a kadai add 2cups of wter and cook it also .When cool strain it and  keep that  aside.

In a pan add coconut,coriander seeds,dry red chilly ,green chilly ,fenugreek seeds,chena dal,urad dal ,curry leaves and garlic .Roast these mixture till the coconut get brown in colour and all the dals become crisp …By that time a nice aroma will spread all over the house ..When done remove from the fire and allow to cool..


When cool grind this to a fine paste by adding water little by little .

Wash the cut vegetables and drain them ..In a pan add 2tsb of oil and add these vegetables ..Saute them for 2 minutes ..

In a deep bottomed kadai heat coconut oil and splutter mustard seeds ,dry red chilly ,fenugreek seeds and curry leaves one by one .Now add the saute vegetables and tamarind water ..Bring to a boil .Then add the ground paste,3 cup of water and 1/4tsp of turmeric powder .Boil well .Now add the cooked dal ,tomatoes and salt ..Again allow to boil  and now close the kadai and cook the  vegetables in a low flame .

When done check the sambar ..If the sambar is too thick u can add water and boil well ..Add salt if needed ..Finally add curry leaves ,sprinkle asafotida powder  and remove  from  fire ..So the tasty sambar is ready to serve ….Serve with rice …


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