Friday, July 13, 2012

Sooji Gothambu Payasam


Gothambu Nurukku- 1 1/2 cup
Grated coconut-of 5
Jagerry -less than 1/2 kg
Cashew nuts-50gm
Thega kothu-handful
Salt-one pinch
Water-3 L
Ghee-2 tbsp


Take 3 types of coconut milk from 5 coconut .1 1/2 cup of onnam palu(first extract),4 cup of randam palu and 4 cup of moonam palu and keep aside.

Wash the wheat thoroughly and cook by adding 3 lit of water .

In cooker 5-6 whistle is enough

When done strain and pour some more hot water to the cooked rice and drain well .

switch on the fire.

To the cooked wheat add 3rd coconut milk and stir well in medium heat..

When it began to thick  add 2nd coconut milk and melted  Jagerry.Add a pinch of salt also.Stir continuously till it get thick.

Finally add onnam palu when the payasam began to thicken

Mix well and remove from the stove ..(after adding onnam palu no need to boil the payasam)

Roast coconut pieces and cashew nuts in  ghee and add to the payasam ..

The amount of jagerry is depending up on ur taste ..u can increase or decrease the amount of Jagerry.

So the tasty and easy gothambu payasam is ready to serve ..

(It will become very thick when it cools ..So try to serve hot in sadya .If ur payasam became really thick then dont worry add some boiled water and mix well..check the sweetness .add more jagerry if u want ..Colour of the payasam will depend up on the colour of the jagerry u use .If u r using dark colour jagerry ,the colour will be light brown shade otherwise it will be in light yellow colour )


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