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Sooji Gothambu Payasam


Gothambu Nurukku- 1 1/2 cup
Grated coconut-of 5
Jagerry -less than 1/2 kg
Cashew nuts-50gm
Thega kothu-handful
Salt-one pinch
Water-3 L
Ghee-2 tbsp


Take 3 types of coconut milk from 5 coconut .1 1/2 cup of onnam palu(first extract),4 cup of randam palu and 4 cup of moonam palu and keep aside.

Wash the wheat thoroughly and cook by adding 3 lit of water .

In cooker 5-6 whistle is enough

When done strain and pour some more hot water to the cooked rice and drain well .

switch on the fire.

To the cooked wheat add 3rd coconut milk and stir well in medium heat..

When it began to thick  add 2nd coconut milk and melted  Jagerry.Add a pinch of salt also.Stir continuously till it get thick.

Finally add onnam palu when the payasam began to thicken

Mix well and remove from the stove ..(after adding onnam palu no need to boil the payasam)

Roast coconut pieces and cashew nuts in  ghee and add to the payasam ..

The amount of jagerry is depending up on ur taste ..u can increase or decrease the amount of Jagerry.

So the tasty and easy gothambu payasam is ready to serve ..

(It will become very thick when it cools ..So try to serve hot in sadya .If ur payasam became really thick then dont worry add some boiled water and mix well..check the sweetness .add more jagerry if u want ..Colour of the payasam will depend up on the colour of the jagerry u use .If u r using dark colour jagerry ,the colour will be light brown shade otherwise it will be in light yellow colour )

Semiya Payasam/Vermicelli payasam


Vermicelli – 100 gm..
Sugar -according to ur taste
Cashew nuts-handful
Fresh milk-1 lit
Water-1/2 lit
Heat a pan and add ghee ..Then add vermicelli and fry it till light brown..(don`t fry too much )..In between boil 1/2 lit water …When the vermicelli is fried then add this to the boiled water and close the pot for 2 min and cook ..Then open the lid and stir occasionally..Once the vermicelli become soft then add sugar..Stir well ..Then add milk , mix well and cook  …Boil till the payasam get its consistency.. Then add fried cashew nuts ..If u want u can add powdered cardamom and raisins (fried).Then add a pinch of  salt…Your payasam is ready now …Can be served hot or cold ….(When cool if the payasam seems to be too thick then u can added boiled milk .)
From usual semiya payasam if u want a change u can add chopped banana(kadhali pazham or robust)…That will make the payasam more tastier..

Pineapple Payasam

pineapple payasam


pineapple payasam



Medium thick coconut milk-3cup

Condensed milk-1/2cup

Sabudana (chowari)-1/2cup

Salt-a pinch
Dried ginger powder-2 pinch

Cardamom powder-1/4tsp


Cashew nuts-10(opt)

Yellow colour-2tsp (mix one pinch into 2tsp of water)

pineapple payasam


Chop pineapple into fine pieces.

Cook them in 1 cup of water along with 2tbsp of sugar .

When cooled grind this cooked pineapple in to fine paste.

Take a deep bottomed pan ,add sugar to this pineapple paste and saute for 10 minutes

Cook sabudana in 2 cup of water (add sabudana in boiling water and cook).

Add  cooked  sabudana and yellow food colour to the pineapple paste .

Boil for 5 minutes.

Add one pinch of salt to balance the sweetness

Now add coconut milk to the pineapple mix and boil .Stir continuously

When it begin to boil add condensed milk to this (u can increase or decrease the quantity of sugar and condensed milk)

Switch off  the gas and add the cardamom powder and ginger powder

Close the pan for half an hour to keep the flavour of the payasam

If u want u can add cashewnuts  (fry them in ghee and add) and if the pine apple is not that ripe enough u can add 2 drops of pineapple essence into it .

So the tasty and delicious pineapple payasam is ready to serve

Note : If u want to bite pineapple pieces then keep aside few cooked pieces and add to the pineapple paste .

pineapple payasam




Payasam rice-1/2 cup
Milk-1 1/2 liter
Water-5 1/2 cup
Sugar-1 1/2cup
Cardamom powder-1/4tsp (opt)
Cashew nut -10 roasted(opt)


In a deep bottomed kadai (we usually use uruli for making payasam) or in cooker add 1 1/2 Lil of milk ,2 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 cup of sugar .Cook them in a very low flame .Stir well occasionally .Cook this milk till its become 1/2lit .By that time u can see  a light pink colour   .Now add washed rice with 3 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar .Stir occasionally. Cook till the right consistency of ur choice .. If u want u can add cardamom powder and roasted cashew nuts ..So the tasty payasam is ready to serve(we are getting the pink shade because we are making the 11/2 lil milk to half lil by cooking it in low flame .This is the secret behind the taste also .So if u want the authentic payasam please show patience  and take time and make like this  ) otherwise u can try another method( If u are too busy )

2nd method

If u want to make this payasam in cooker ,then take one handful of rice ,1 liter of  milk and 1cup of sugar ..Add everything in a cooker and cook  till the first whistle comes(in very low flame ).. Remove the weight after the pressure settle down..Transfer to this delicious payasam to the serving dish .
Click the link below to view the printable version
Once again wishing u all a very “Happy Vishu”
vishu sadya

Palada -Onam Special

Palada is my favorite payasam ..When u think of sadya first u remember about this right .. ..I think like me many of u love this delicious ,mouth watering palada payasam….There is no such big deal in making this ..So when u feel like drinking ur fav payasam try this .


Ada-200gm( small sized ada..It is available in all most all Indian stores
Milk-3 L
Sugar -750gm(or according to ur taste)
Salt-one pinch
Dry Ginger Powder(Chukku)-1/2tsp
Cardamom powder-1/4 tsp (optional)


At first pour milk to a pressure cooker and allow to boil ,stirring occasionally.
When started boiling close the cooker and cook the milk in very very low flame for 1hour ..
Then switch off the fire and let the pressure settle down.
Mean while boil water in a vessel and then add the ada .Cook till the ada become very soft to touch ..
Then remove from the fire and drain it ..Pour plenty of water on to the cooked ada ..Drain and Cool well …
When it done remove from the ghee and keep that aside …
Take a Uruli or deep bottomed nonstick kadai and heat the ghee and add the cooked ada.
 Stir well for 5 min in medium heat   and then add sugar (according to ut taste ) and salt …
Stir well for 15 to 20 minutes .
..By that time the pressure will be normal,so open the cooker ..
Now u can see the milk to be in pale pink color..So add the milk to the ada  and mix well .
At this point u can see the ada lumps in the milk..
So using a two spatulas slowly press the ada lumps so that it will be separated from each other ..
Then turn on the gas and stir  .Stir the payasam till the palada reduced to about 2 1/2 L.
(.Have to stir min half an hour) … ..Don`t make it very thick ..Make medium consistency payasam .
It  is tastier than thick payasam (anyway that depends up on ur taste)…
So when the exact consistency reaches then add the powders .
Strain the ginger powder and cardamom powder to 1/4 cup of payasam and mix well ..
Then add this mix to thw payasam and stir well ….Close the kadai for 5 minutes
So ur delicious palada pradhaman is ready


The benefit of cooking in the pressure cooker is that we can save time with out stirring all the time..And because of that only u are getting that pink shade ..

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