Friday, July 13, 2012

Ethakka Varuthathu/Raw Banana Chips (Upperi)

I'm here following a lengthy break ..Could unable to update my quality recipes within the last 30 days ..But nonetheless I get a warm support from the dear readers buddies..Thanks for your ..Onam is approaching and considered restarting my blog about this auspicious occasion..Today I'm having a super simple recipe however tasty d crunchy..A  Sadya cant be filled with out this ..Yea likely to present the preparation of ethakka upperi though its quite simple to create  So wish my dear buddies a really very  HAPPY ONAM  :)


Raw banana -6 

Salt-4 tsp 

Turmeric powder-1tsp

Coconut Oil-for frying
NOTE: The banana we used to make pazhampori ..we use ripe banana for that the raw one for making chips


Remove the outer skin of each banana .

Put the bananas in to turmeric water for 15 minutes.

Then take out the bananas and scrub the outer side and wash in cool water to remove the stickiness ..

Wipe them with a clean cloth and keep aside ..

In between dissolve salt into 1/4 cup of water and keep it aside..

Heat the coconut oil in high flame ..

When done slice each banana using a slicer  directly into the oil .

Make sure that all the pieces are even .

Put one or two bananas with out overcrowding.

Stir occasionally  to flip them and keep them from sticking ..

In the beginning u can see some bubbles coming ..

Lower the flame when the bubbles completely disappears.

When these chips turns little crunchy increase the flame and  add 1 tsp of salt water in to the oil and stir well by standing bit far away !!!..

After 2 minutes or until it becomes golden yellow colour sieve them out and keep it in a flat plate lined with kitchen tissue  to absorb the excess oil..

After some time transfer the yummy chips to a tight container ..

Do the same procedure with the rest of the bananas except  the change in the amount of salt water ..

After first trip reduce the amount of salt water to 1/4 tsp as salt is already present in the oil..

Note: ( The most important part in this preparation the temperature of the oil..If the temperature of the oil is less then the chips will absorb the oil and it will be a mess and at the same time if the temperature is too high then the chips will get burn )


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