Friday, July 13, 2012

Ada Pradhaman-Onam Special

The actual showing everyone`s favorite Ada Pradhaman …Dedicating to any or all my buddies who's waiting for to celebrate Onam …Hope u all will enjoy this but going to do this ….Hope u will tell me the end result ..


Ada -1 packet (200gm)


1st extract of Coconut milk-3cup

2nd extract of coconut milk-3cup

3rd extract of coconut milk-4cup


Cashew nuts-100gm

Coconut pieces-few(cut in to small pieces)

Dried ginger powder-1tsp

Salt-one pinch


Cardamom powder-1/4tsp


1st step
Grate 4 coconut and grind it in a mixer adding 2 cup of water and extract the first milk ….U will get 3 glass of thick milk(1st extract)..Then add 3 glass of water to the ground coconut and grind again and extract 3 cup of milk (2nd extract)..Now add 4 glass of water and grind it again and extract 4 cup of milk ( 3rd extract) ..Keep all the milk aside …

Now boil 1/2 cup of water and add jaggery ..keep on stirring till it is fully melted ..Then strain it and keep aside 

2nd step

Add ada in 4 glass of boiling water and cook well. (If the ada is long in size cut into pieces by hand).Once it become very soft remove from the fire and drain them ..If u feel the ada to be sticky then pour one cup of cold water on the ada and drain …

Now cook the sago(chauwari) in 3 glass of water …When done it will appear to be transparent and soft …So keep that also aside… (optional) .U can make ada pradhaman with out sago.

Fry coconut ,cashews in 1 tbsp of ghee and keep it aside( fry them separately) .

3rd step

Heat a thick deep bottomed pan or uruli and add melted jaggery ..Now add the cooked ada and sago together in to the jaggery and stir well .(Sometime u will find the ada to be hard and sticky ,don`t worry it will get separate and become soft while stirring ) ..Stir continuously and cook until the mixture becomes thick and start separating from the sides of the pan.

Now add 50 gm of ghee in to it and stir well.

Then add the 3rd milk and mix well it till boils..Cook till it becomes thick .Add one pinch of salt .When it become thick, add the 2nd milk and stir well until it become thick again..

Now add the 1st extract (very thick milk) and stir well ..Don`t boil .

Remove from the fire and add the fried cashew nuts and coconut …Add the cardamom powder and dry ginger powder and close the pan with a tight lid for 5 minutes..Mix well…So ur tasty Ada Pradhaman is ready to serve …..

Measuring cup –


If u feel ur pradhaman to be too thick u can dilute it by adding more thick coconut milk or drinking milk.Follow the same when u feel that the pradhaman is sweeter than ur preference.


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