Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pacha payar(Achinga payar) mezhukku /Long beans fry

In our place we used to say achinga payar (long beans) as pacha payar ..In some other places green gram is called as pacha payar ..So here i am telling about long beans ..I love long beans ..When i go home amma used to make payar mezhukku for me ..Here in dubai we very rarely see good kind of long beans ..That too the tender beans..I always  take out of the seeds and used to make mezhukku using that …This time also i was able to have that dish  ..Its very simple and  tasty …So here comes the recipe….



Long beans -1/2 kg(take out the seeds)

Crushed  red chilly-2tsp or according to ur taste

Cheriya ulli(shallots)-15

Curry leaves-1 string

Salt – to taste



Take out all the seeds from long beans .

Clean and wash them ..

Take a cooker and add this along with water and salt .

2 whistle is enough .Open when the pressure  settle down .

Heat coconut oil in a kadai .Add thin slices of shallots or crushed shallots

Saute till its raw smell goes ..Then add curry leaves and chilly ..Saute them well.

Finally add the cooked beans and stir well

Allow to cook for few more minutes .

The simple pacha payar mezhukku is ready to serve ..Serve with rice ,kanji etc ..


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