Friday, June 29, 2012

Simple Currynaranga(Vadukapuli) Achar-Onam Special

In this special occasion i am going to introduce u a very simple pickle …Curry naranga (vaduka puli) with white chilly..Its  a real great combination..The smell its self is enough ……. So dear friends try this out in this onam and enjoy ….


Curry Naranga-1

White chilly(vella mulaku)-10(make to slit)

Vinegar-to the top level

Salt-to taste 


Peel the lemon and cut into small pieces..Take a vessel add these lemon pieces ..To this add white chilly slits,salt and vinegar …Stir well ..Taste it add vinegar and salt if required …Pour this into a tight container and can use the very next day …..So enjoy this simple pickle …..


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