Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sandwich Layer-Cake Recipe

The sandwich cake is a rich sandwich with so much filling it resembles a cake.


3-4 eggs
1 kg shrimps (with shell)
4.5 dl (450ml) (1 US pint) cottage cheese
4 dl (400ml) mayonnaise
1 dl (100ml) sour cream
2 loaves white bread
Black pepper
Sprigs of dill or slices of lemon or lime for garnish
Chopped dill or parsley for garnish.


Boil the eggs until hard and peal the shrimps. Set aside some shrimps (about one third) for garnishing. Chop the remaining shrimps, which will be used for filling. This first step is only required for the shrimp and egg filling variant.

Mix 1 dl mayonnaise with 1 dl sour cream in a cup or bowl, place in the refrigerator. Mix the remaining mayonnaise and cottage cheese in another bowl together with the chopped shrimps; this is the filling. Cut the bread lengthwise to make eight 1 cm thick slices. Do not use the top and bottom slice. Place two slices next to each other, preferably on a cutting board. Spread one third of the filling on top of the bread slices. Add two more bread slices on top. Spread half of the remaining filling and repeat for the final layer. The cake should now have four layers of bread with three layers of filling between them.

If necessary even out the edges of the cake with a sharp knife. Take the mayonnaise/sour cream mix out of the refrigerator and spread it thinly and evenly on the sides of and on top of the cake. Cover the sides of the cake with chopped parsley or dill. Garnish with shrimps, sliced eggs and dill sprigs or lemon slices.


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